Jeremy Couturier

Jeremy Couturier

I am currently a PostDoc associate in the Earth and Environmental Science department at the University of Rochester, working with Miki Nakajima and Alice Quillen. While I mainly focus on coding time-efficient N-body simulations to study the formation of the Moon from a protolunar disk, I keep working on past projects, such as building an analytical model for the system of Saturnian co-orbital satellites Janus and Epimetheus.

Up until October 2022, I was a PhD student at the Institute of Celestial Mechanics (IMCCE), as part of the team Astronomy & Dynamical Systems (ASD). My domains of research were then Hamiltonian and Celestial mechanics, and I was focusing on the long term evolution of planetary exosystems when subjects to tidal dissipation. Philippe Robutel (ASD team), and Alexandre C. M. Correia (CFisUC, Coimbra University) were my PhD supervisors.

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Mais personne ne l’avait cru à cause de son costume. L’astronome refit sa démonstration en 1920, dans un habit très élégant. Et cette fois-ci, tout le monde fut de son avis.